The company focuses on providing accounting and financial services to the small and medium enterprises, the main services are:
1. Audit, Capital Verification, and Forensic Accounting
(1) Audit
The company provides the enterprise annual financial statement audit, merge and re-settlement audit, credit audit, termination audit, special audit services (annual industry review and annual Administration for Industry and Commerce review), and annual foreign exchange audit.(2) Capital Verification
The company audits and provides the capital assessment reports for foreign enterprises, domestic enterprises, private companies, and state owned companies when they conduct the capital investment, change (increase/decrease) the operational funds, and reorganize the company’s ownership structure.
(3) Forensic Accounting
A. For personal or corporate economic disputes that can not be resolved via negotiation, the company issues the forensic accounting report according to the provided evidence.
B. For economic cases, the company provides the forensic accounting reports based on the commission of Public Security Bureau, Procuratorate, and Court.

2. Accounting, Tax, Financial Advisory Services
(1) Accounting and Financial Service
The company provides various accounting services, such as accounting advisory, book keeping, accounts management, preparation of financial statements, financial statement analysis, and economic analysis for applied projects of high-tech organizations.
(2) Tax Services
The company provides the tax advice and tax consultancy service, audits the income tax for domestic and foreign companies, provides the annual tax audit for business agents, and sets up tax plan.

3. Other services
·Providing services for domestic and foreign companies when they register, change, or set up the business in local.
·Registration in Administration for Industry and Commerce.
·Recording in Public Security Bureau, creating company seal, and opening bank account.
·Registration in Technical Supervision Bureau.
·Tax registration;
·Applying the general taxpayer;
·Changing the company’s project in Administration for Industry and Commerce.
·Changing the registered project in related government agency.
·Setting up or changing company’s license, official seal, tax registration, foreign exchange registration, and bank account opening, and so on.

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